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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Delivery during Pandemic I: Chifa

Chifa's outside
Little by little we are returning to "the new normality" and for some time now, we have access to some great restaurants through a delivery previously unimaginable.

One of the good things that this horrible crisis has brought is that digitalization has been radical and many restaurants have had to move out of their comfort zone creating new on-line services.  

We will start to write about our favourites delivery restaurants in Madrid, hoping that our recommendatios will be of interest to you. 

Our first great delivery service experience has been the Peruvian Chinese restaurant Chifa.  Their new delivery is called A gogó.

You can pick up your delivery personally or ask a messenger to bring it to you. The menu is short but it includes its great hits like the Udon, the red curry cheeks and its spicy dumplings. Approximately the cost for these 3 exquisite product was 50 euros and the next day we went back to pounding the leftovers.

quiet but busy in the kitche
When I picked it up at the restaurant, I could observe that sanitary measures were carefully taken. I was also delighted to see his beautiful wooden furniture again, now all empty. 

And the result of the serving up, the one you see... accompanied by a bottle of wine and my family. 
at home!

Chifa: Tel-15 34 75 66.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

This week: Flowers and Hairdresser recommendations in Covid-19 times

Rosi the owner with desinfectant and Mask

Mariluz doing beautiful  bouquets of flowers
I like to recommend these businesses because they belong to great women who have fought hard for their businesses and have always shown great professionalism in their fieldsMy first experience outdoors has been at Ananda Ferdi´s hairdresser ( Joaquin Costa 51 st) , where they left me with perfect haircut after 50 days of wilderness. The telephone is: 91 - 563 00 58.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Help Bookshops during Coronavirus #Díadellibro

This year's Book Day has caught us at home.
However, this is not a reason not to continue celebrating and buying books in those bookstores that we like so much.
From My Little Madrid, we support a beautiful altruistic initiative to help neighborhood bookstores: www.paraseguirleyendo.com
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