I am from Madrid, love the city and want to share my special addresses. Every day a new idea, place or thing to do in Madrid. Everything has been thoroughly tested but it is only a personal opinion.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Café Comercial - an Eternal Typical

cafe comercial reading and playing chess
Café Comercial is one of the most magical coffee shops in Madrid.
It was opened in 1908 and once you enter this beautiful venue with marble columns and wooden tables, you immediately experience a feeling of splendorous old times and important historical moments having taken place there. If you have a look around today, you will see some interesting characters who come in daily. It has been mentioned in many books and films. Actually John Malkovich used to come here while working in Madrid.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Calle Ponzano, the Coolest Foodie Street

We are big fans of Ponzano Street, it seems that it’s becoming the coolest street for tapas and lunch. anywhere you go, you’ll get a nice surprise. Our favorites, the original Sala de Despiece, the popular Fide yummi pizzas at Picsa, and last but not least La Contraseña. Therefore, do not worry if you head to Ponzano without a reservation; any of those places will be a good choice and you can go back any time to try the rest of them.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brumalis, put Flowers in your Life!

Today, it’s all about flowers! Lately, we have noticed a trend coming back to the flower world. I am not so sure whether Spanish people have been quite as into offering flowers compared to our European colleagues like the French and Dutch, but in any case it’s nice to see that nowadays young people are opening lovely flower shops. That’s why today our post is about Brumalis!
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