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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Poke Bowl Invasion

There is an indisputable trend going on in Madrid for the last months, I am talking about Poke. I first heard about it a year ago, I was told that hawaiian surfers were very fond about it and I was surprised by its simplicity and freshness. Poke is all about raw fish cut in dices with vegetables and usually a basis of rice served in a bowl with a great variety of other possible ingredients like vegetables and sauces.

This is Poke!

The two restaurants that introduced me to this hawaiian gastronomy were La Pagoda, a really nice Asian restaurant close to Bernabéu and lately I found it too in Nubel, the wonderful Reina Sofia restaurant.

However, now it seems that it has become the latest trend, and you are no one if you haven’t found your Poke favourite restaurant, probably because it is quite cheap and healthy. 

Some of the pokes you can find in II Poke

During the past months, I’ve seen it everywhere. If you are not confident with the concept, I will introduce to this new fashion by saying that if you are fond of sashimi and ceviche, you will become a fan of Poke. 

My best recommendation would be to go to II Poke, near to Alonso Martinez where apart from the Poke-menu you can prepare Poke to your very own style.
First you decide the basis: rice, quinoa, kale or bamboo hawaian rice.
Second you choose the fish: Salmon, tuna, shrimp 
Third you choose between vegetables, seaweeds or fruits 

Finally, you can eat it at the restaurant or have it delivered to your address.

II Poke
Hope you like it!!

La Pagoda
7, Felix Boix st

43, Argumosa st
Museum Reina Sofía

II Poké
17, Argensola st

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Carmen Navarro Beauty Centers

A very inspiring woman
If there is someone well known in Madrid for her expertise regarding beauty treatments is Carmen Navarro. This incredible energetic woman has been for more than 40 years a reference in the city, and her hands and recommendations are a must the most influential men and women in the city. Her successful career has lead her to open 6 beauty centers in Madrid and one in Sevilla and she even has created her own cosmetic products brand with truffle as the top ingredient.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rubaiyat, the Terrace you Must Try this Summer in Madrid!

My Little Madrid in Rubaiyat
Weather allowing, summer in Madrid is an experience! Everyone is in the streets and great terraces flourish all over the city…
We like very much Rubaiyat and its impressive terraces that are open from April until October. It is a green spot in Chamartin, plenty of vegetation and with a very ingenious spraying system that cools up the ambiance. A good choice for hot summer nights.
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