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Friday, June 28, 2019

Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer : Parallel Visions in Prado Museum

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp' 1632 by Rembrandt

Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer : Parallel Visions  in Prado Museum 

On Monday the exhibition of Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer was inaugurated at the Prado Museum. It is incredible the amount of activities that the museum is carrying out on the occasion of its bicentennial.
Exhibition view 

I was lucky enough to attend the inauguration and enjoy the fantastic exhibition that takes you back more than five centuries of history. In the first room, the painting 'The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp' painted in 1632 by Rembrandt stands out, you have the glances of 24 men dressed with stiff necks and serious semblants. After the visit you will be immersed in wonderful still lifes and customary scenes combining it with large paintings from the Museum and loans that have been obtained for the Exhibition. Velázquez's Mars painting is one of my favorites as well as the drunks and seeing them is always a wonder.

The exhibition will be open until September and while visitors can also visit Fra Angelico and the exhibition of Giacometti, a luxury museum.

Long live the Prado Museum!

El greco

Please check this great video from the exhibition: https://www.museodelprado.es/actualidad/exposicion/velazquez-rembrandt-vermeer-miradas-afines/7ca4f41d-c9d1-2615-8a81-e2d017ab9757

En Español:

EL lunes se inauguró la exposición de Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer. Miradas afines en el Museo del Prado. Es increíble la cantidad de actividades que está realizando el museo con motivo de su bicentenario.

Tuve la suerte de poder asistir a la inauguración y disfrutar de la fantástica exposición que te transporta a más de cinco siglos de historia, en la primera sala destaca especialmente el cuadro de 'The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp pintado en 1632 por Rembrandt, tienes las miradas clavadas de 24 hombres vestidos con rigidos cuellos y semblantes serios. Después la visita te sumerge en maravillosos bodegones y escenas costumbristas combinandolo con grandes cuadro del Museo y prestamos que han conseguido para la Exposición. El cuadro de Marte de Velázquez es uno de mis favoritos así como los borrachos y verlos siempre es una maravilla.

La exposición estará abierta hasta septiembre y mientras los visitantes pueden también visitar Fra Angelico y la exposición de Giacometti, todo un lujo de museo.

¡Viva el Museo del Prado!

Marte de Velázquez

Sunday, June 16, 2019


I've been wanting to talk about this Japanese mixed restaurante for a long time.  I discovered it in its first place close to Alberto Aguilera st and I have been able to come back now that it has opened in Salamanca.

Monday, June 10, 2019

French Castle? Nope, Castillo de Viñuelas and Nuevo futuro

it could be A french Castle in Loire, but it's Madrid 
Yesterday took place the first edition of Nuevo Futuro Family day in the impressive Castillo de Viñuelas. The day was so good that I hope it can become an annual event. The Ong Nuevo Futuro has been known for hosting children and teenagers in special homes for 50 years. For a long time, their Christmas market has been the place to be.
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