I am from Madrid, love the city and want to share my special addresses. Every day a new idea, place or thing to do in Madrid. Everything has been thoroughly tested but it is only a personal opinion.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rubaiyat, the Terrace you Must Try this Summer in Madrid!

My Little Madrid in Rubaiyat
Weather allowing, summer in Madrid is an experience! Everyone is in the streets and great terraces flourish all over the city…
We like very much Rubaiyat and its impressive terraces that are open from April until October. It is a green spot in Chamartin, plenty of vegetation and with a very ingenious spraying system that cools up the ambiance. A good choice for hot summer nights.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Lovely Discovery: Nimú Bistró and Terrace

If you’re wondering where you can take a special girl out on a date… stop thinking! I have a solution, and its called: Nimú Bistró, a small restaurant with a few tables, where each table has flowers and most importantly, wonderful food and wine. Despite being very central, it is still very unknown, as it belongs to the Adler Hotel, and its not very common for Madrid people to have lunch or dinner in hotels.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

La Cocina de San Anton, an Exciting Terrace in Chueca

Now that the weather seems to be more pleasant but still not as hot as spring time, I come with a suggestion for those of you who want to start feeling the open air terraces... I am talking about la Cocina de San Antón on the 3rd floor of Mercado de San Antón.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gourmet Experience Serrano

“El Corte Inglés”, one of the most traditional Madrid shopping centers, has been innovating in the last years regarding its gourmet section. It has always been modern if compared to other big shopping centers and the work done is fantastic. We need to congratulate them again as they have opened an spectacular Gourmet venue in Serrano 52.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

El Huerto de Lucas, a new ecogastrocultural market!

el huerto de lucas interior
I am so happy with this new eco trend going on in Madrid! Last Sunday I went to El Huerto de Lucas, in San Lucas 13, a covered market with a nice restaurant in the middle that is worth a visit, especially as walking down the Street you don’t seem to realize that there is a huge space of 450 square meters inside that can be considered as an eco-paradise! Actually their motto is ‘the first medicine is food’!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Find Nature in the Middle of Madrid - El Olivar de Castillejo

Path towards the house surrounded by olive trees
Path towards the house surrounded by olive trees
Madrid has it! incredible surprises when you least expect it. Wandering randomly throuhg Chamartin district,  I discovered an amazing place: Fundación Olivar de Castillejo. A true olive grove with more than 100 olive trees in a hectare of land, located in the middle, but really in the hub of town. Between streets Alberto Alcocer and Enri Dunant with entrance through Menendez Pidal 11. Amazing! A smaill uninviting door without signs or indications, go through it and get literally teletransported into the deep countryside, one of those Andalusian "ventas" dotted with olive trees, flowerbeds and small paths ....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Velazquez 150, the place to be: Upstairs - The Hall, Dowstairs - ATA Club

My Little Madrid The Hall lobby
The Lobby of The Hall

The new pole of trendy places in Madrid is undoubtedly; Velazquez 150. There are two choices: upstairs The Hall, downstairs ATA Club. They used to be NODO and La Nicolasa, but both were closed down and like the phoenix bird came back to life full of energy and verve!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Restaurant Loft 39

This post goes for a very elegant and classy restaurant in one of the trendiest Madrid areas: Loft 39.

Loft 39 opened its doors in 2005 and is decorated by one of the greatest decorators: Pascua Ortega. We especially recommend it for its business lunch menu. The decor, food and environment will help you close any deal for sure! There are also private rooms that can be booked for private events and lunches.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Great Summer Discovery - Le Café de l'Institut Français

had heard about a nice indoor terrace close to Colón square, but could not find out where it was. Luckily, yesterday, meeting a friend for lunch, I finally discovered it at the Institut Français, le Café Bistrot, lots of French flavor! Oh lá lá!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer in Madrid - La Esmeralda de Kapurthala - great fun!

Today I am proposing a something really refreshing and fun for this boiling Madrid summer: dinner "Al Fresco" plus hilarious musical "La Esmeralda de Kapurthala".  I went on wednesday night and had such a great fun!!!

It is part of the summer program by Teatro Galileo at calle Galileo 39 (not to be mistaken with Sala Galileo). The performance is not done inside the theater but in the gardens, where they have displayed a scenario and tables and chairs to allow for dinner and drink. Really nice, with a vintage flavor reminding us those childhood summer nights that we all long for. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Close to Nature - El Encinar, Madrid North (Guest Posting)

First I’d like to thank My Little Madrid for giving me the opportunity to write about this part of Madrid, a Madrid just outside the busy and noisy inner city. We’re talking about the northern district, a residential neighbourhood thas is becoming a place for families to find peace and quiet.

When peace and quiet are paramount

Monday, June 17, 2013

Elite Gourmet Party at Casa de Velazquez

We have been to a very tasty event this week organised by Elite Gourmet, Spanish seal of quality for gourmet products, in an outstanding venue called Casa de Velazquez. The building belongs to the French Ministry of culture and is named after painter Velazquez because the legend says he liked to paint from that same spot sunsets and mountain views. Sigue leyendo, en español más abajo.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cozy Garden Restaurant - Donde Mónica

Restaurant donde monica in madrid
How would you like to feel in a London garden without having to leave Madrid? It's right around the corner, next to busy and noisy Serrano street, an exquisite (both food and ambiance) British heaven: Restaurant "Donde Mónica".

Friday, January 25, 2013

Restaurant NO. - new in town!!

In Madrid we love going to the newest restaurant in town. Then we can show off to our friends and say: Oh! but how can it be you haven't been there yet? I know it well!! (even if you've only been once!).

The very newest restaurant in Madrid has an odd name: NO. Restaurant. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

IO - Iñaki Oyarbide - restaurant

We are unhappy to comunicate that this restaurant has closed down...

The concept is To Update Tradition!! and it works very well...

Many friends had suggested me to go to the new restaurant by Iñaki Oyarbide IO. I finaly went yesterday and I must say they were right. IO restaurant has all the ingredients to succeed and become a classical choice. Great food and ambiance.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taberna Los Gallos - summer hotspot

It's a loud secret: Taberna Los Gallos (Callejón de Puigcerdá 4, off Jorge Juan), specially its roof terrace, is becoming the hot spot these (hot) days in Madrid!!! a place to see a be seen but also to have good food and good fun.
Me and my friends went there to celebrate my birthday and had a lovely and healthy menu. I was not able to get a terrace table so it will be for the next time (hope very soon!). The interior was crowded maybe a little too much for gossiping and profound talking. Imagine the subject of our main conversation... Grey and his fifty shades, obviously!!!!
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