I am from Madrid, love the city and want to share my special addresses. Every day a new idea, place or thing to do in Madrid. Everything has been thoroughly tested but it is only a personal opinion.
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pueblo Inglés - Full Immersion English Just minutes Away from Madrid

We made an exception and on today’s post, we travelled far away from Madrid. Actually, we found ourselves in the middle of the Batuecas Sierra (Salamanca), in a lovely landscape of acorn trees and wood and stone chalets. This place is called Pueblo Inglés, and for a week, you’ll find yourself living in an anglo/spanish melting pot with people you have never met before. However, this isn’t the most characteristic thing of the stay as you will only be able to communicate in English. Spanish is forbidden even among Spanish and waiters in the restaurant. Among the Anglos, there are many different cultures; Canadians, English and Americans have been enrolled as volunteers for this week’s program.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Find Nature in the Middle of Madrid - El Olivar de Castillejo

Path towards the house surrounded by olive trees
Path towards the house surrounded by olive trees
Madrid has it! incredible surprises when you least expect it. Wandering randomly throuhg Chamartin district,  I discovered an amazing place: Fundación Olivar de Castillejo. A true olive grove with more than 100 olive trees in a hectare of land, located in the middle, but really in the hub of town. Between streets Alberto Alcocer and Enri Dunant with entrance through Menendez Pidal 11. Amazing! A smaill uninviting door without signs or indications, go through it and get literally teletransported into the deep countryside, one of those Andalusian "ventas" dotted with olive trees, flowerbeds and small paths ....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

La Central - Much More than a Bookstore

La central de callao My Little Madrid

We are big fans of the fantastic bookstore La Central in Callao! We consider it much more than a bookstore for many reasons. Firstly, they have more than 80 000 book references in several languages and many different sections that avoid the typical collection of best sellers you find elsewhere. It is a library within a 19th century palace. If you feel hungry or want to take a rest, you can also try their great “Bistro” with very tasty food options for breakfast, lunch or tea time. You can even stay for drinks at night in their bar, "el Garito" , where many events and book presentations take place.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Millesime - Millweek My Favorite Gastronomic Event in Madrid

millweek poster

Millesime is a yearly appointment in Madrid, and luckily we haven’t missed it. A great gastronomic experience where you get the chance to taste some of the greatest creations of renown Spanish and international chefs.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birkin or Kelly? difficult choice, get the answer at Palacio de Cibeles

kelly or birking bags drawing

Kelly or Birkin? if you know what I am talking about you cannot miss the exhibition Hermès - Essence of Leather  (until October 13) at the Glass Gallery of the Cibeles Palace.
A magnificent example of what Hermès represents through its own history and good work. It all started with saddlery for horses more than one hundred and seventy-six years ago. Today, however, Hermès has evolved to represent the essence of ultimate luxury.

Monday, September 23, 2013

National Geographic store in Madrid - New Menu

national geographic party in madrid

Although the National Geographic Store is in Madrid since 2010, I had never visited it simply because I did not know about its existence. It was a nice surprise to be invited to the renewal presentation party that took place on Thursday. And even more surprising to realize that this huge space has nothing to envy to the London National Geographic Store, it is even better! Specially the restaurant and its new menu.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Great Summer Discovery - Le Café de l'Institut Français

had heard about a nice indoor terrace close to Colón square, but could not find out where it was. Luckily, yesterday, meeting a friend for lunch, I finally discovered it at the Institut Français, le Café Bistrot, lots of French flavor! Oh lá lá!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pole Dancing - a different way to get in shape

Pole Dance - My little Madrid
I have discovered a great way to get in shape and at the same time practice a sexy and original dance. It has been a great experience and I need to share this great discovery. It is called Pole Dance and is usually practiced by strippers. Yet, it is slowly becoming a fashionable trend and be sure it will be very surprising for your loved one!  The place: Flow Escuela de Baile y DanzaEn español abajo sigue leyendo.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carmen Muñoz - Custom Hand Painted Tableware

A very Spanish name for a nice and quiet little atelier and shop in Justianiano street: Carmen Muñoz, one of the trendiest streets in Plaza de las Salesas district. You will be able to hand paint your own tableware or buy a personalised collection specially crafted for you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarn Bombing - knitting Madrid

YARN BOMBING!! Sounds very aggressive but in fact it is a very quiet and decorative activity... as you know from past posts, My little Madrid started some knitting lessons recently... and enquiring a bit about this new passion, I discovered that around the world , many passionate about Knitting gather in open spaces to redecorate their cities. This phenomenon is called Yarn Bombing.
Last meeting in Madrid was on Saturday June 9th at Plaza Dos de Mayo. There I went armed with my knitting tools. At the beginning I couldn’t spot the group but then I found a knitted tree! That was the sign!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Torrijas - Easter must

In Madrid we eat Torrijas during Easter time. It is a popular dessert easily made at home and very similar to desserts like French Toast or Pain Perdu: thick slices of bread soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg, fried and then drenched in spiced honey or cinnamon. Crawling though my favorite cooking blogs I found many recipes: very complete and funny Lazy Blog: cómo hacer torrijas originales, algunas noticias y otras cosas, incredibly easy and great fun Falsarius Chef: torrijas de régimen (misleading title meaning that after eating those you will undoubtedly need to get into a diet), fruity: el Comidista.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gervasio Sánchez Photo Exibition

Today's cultural activity has been intense and heartbreaking... I had heard about the transformation of the Lavapies old tobacco factory into a new self managed cultural space La Tabacalera and decided to visit it knowing it was showing Gervasio Sánchez (Photography National Award) photography work.
I had seen a photo of a broken window of car with girls inside and wanted to know more the artist.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Concept Stores - Federica & Co

Federica & Co
Hermosilla 26

It is a recent trend to find cool places where a bunch of creative young people gather selling all different items not related among them but that somehow work well together. They usually find nice commercial spaces and create a concept that is simple but classy. Probably one of the consequences of the economical crisis that we are suffering makes people gather and think that being united will help their business! And I think it does!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Contemporary Art Center - El Matadero

El Matadero is an amazing space worth the visit. Conceived in the premises of ancient Madrid slaughterhouse, this Contemporary Art Center aims to be the city’s biggest centre for contemporary creation and a leading international space dedicated to present-day creation.
A changing space with a focus on drama, visual arts, design, music, dance, architecture, urbanism, landscapism, fashion, literature, and cinema.  

Given its location, Matadero Madrid extends the Recoletos-Prado cultural axis to Legazpi Square, moving the centre of Madrid further out towards the vicinity of the River Manzanares. 

Program of activities is intense; from cinema to, exhibitions, performances, dance, music, public installations, workshops... You can even organize you own private event in different size spaces. You can find monthly program here

If weather is nice, I suggest going for the day and alternate cultural visits with a nice walk through its huge central square plus a tasty lunch at its theatre cafe.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knitting Lessons - Peseta

Kinitting lessons in Madrid

It seems to be the ultimate tendency in Madrid!! Knitting lessons!
In Noviciado 9, close to San Bernardo, in a very genuine neighborhood, you can find Peseta: a very special space for shopping and others. Clothing, wallets, key rings, everything crafted there can be purchased and become an original gift you wouldn’t find elsewhere. But not only; they have done collaboration works with Lomography, Marc Jacobs, Loreak Mendian, Primavera Sound, New Museum, Mugaritz, Eastpak and Berlinale.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Artist - Portraits - Maria Robles

Maria Robles paints refined intimate portraits which reflect the true character of subjects. If you want to own or offer a truly genuine gift, commission Maria Robles to create a timeless work of art. You can find her at her Madrid studio, Calle Pradillo 20, always under appointment, phoning at 913191681 or 686875125 or mailing mariae.robles@hotmail.com. In her studio she also teaches oil techniques to reduced groups.

19 June 2012
This summer Maria Robles will be running an exclusive Painting Clinic in a very nice place located in the south of Spain, surrounded by nature. For those interested I leave here her brochure :

Friday, February 3, 2012

Accademia del Gusto - Cooking school

If you happen to like Italian cuisine, which is quite universal, here is a good hint: Accademia del Gusto. Alluring and energetic Nicoletta Negrini has opened this new concept in Madrid, offering from Italian cooking lessons to Italian genuine products that you cannot find elsewhere (for example stracchino or guanciale). There is also a lunch menu offered for a convenient price but the real must is to organize a private dinner for a maximum of 14, where Chef Enrica Barni will cook in front of guests in a very intimate dining room located upstairs. Something different to surprise Italian food lovers!

Cristóbal Bordiú 55
28003 Madrid
Tel: + 34 628837943

Monday, January 16, 2012

Artist - Oscar Vautherin - Artificio

I received today an interesting art course proposal: "Recicled Art"
Presentation next wendsday 18 at ARTIFICIO 19:00h, teacher Oscar Vautherin.

"DIRIGIDO A CUALQUIER PERSONA INTERESADA EN LA CREACIÓN CONTEMPORÁNEA, EN LA RECUPERACIÓN DE OBJETOS, LA BÚSQUEDA DE RECURSOS, EL RECICLAJE O LA ATRIBUCIÓN DE NUEVOS USOS A LOS OBJETOS Y EL ESPACIO QUE OCUPAN. Este curso nos permitirá construir a partir de aquello que ha sido desestimado a la vez que observar las posibilidades estéticas y funcionales de los materiales que encontramos a priori "inservibles"."
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