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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Help Bookshops during Coronavirus #Díadellibro

This year's Book Day has caught us at home.
However, this is not a reason not to continue celebrating and buying books in those bookstores that we like so much.
From My Little Madrid, we support a beautiful altruistic initiative to help neighborhood bookstores: www.paraseguirleyendo.comWe would love to know that when all this is over, our bookshops will still be there with their bookshelves and their shelves full of books. Moreover, as they say in their website "bookstores are an engine of life, a meeting point, a social and cultural catalyst", we don't want them to disappear.
The platform allows readers to buy a voucher of between 5 and 50 euros which, once it is possible to leave the house again, can be exchanged for books in physical form at the selected bookstore(s) in Madrid and other points in Spain.
This idea has emerged from two great readers that I admire very much, Estebán González Guitart, poet and lawyer and his friend Alejandra Meléndez and in just two weeks they have already managed to collect 15,000 euros. bravo and Happy Book Day! 📖

Este año el Día del Libro nos ha pillado en casa.
Sin embargo no es motivo para no seguir celebrando y comprando libros en esas librerías que tanto nos gustan.
Desde My Little Madrid, apoyamos una preciosa iniciativa altruista de ayuda a librerías de barrio: www.paraseguirleyendo.com
Nos encantaría saber que cuando acabe todo esto, nuestras librerías seguirán ahí con sus libreros y sus estanterías llenas de libros. Además como bien dicen desde la web de Paraseguirleyendo, las librerías son un motor de vida, un punto de encuentro, un catalizador social y cultural
La plataforma permite a los lectores comprar un vale de entre 5 a 50€ que una vez se pueda volver a salir de casa, se canjea por libros de forma física en la librería o librerías seleccionadas de Madrid y otros puntos de España.
Esta idea ha surgido de dos grandes lectores que admiro mucho, Estebán González Guitart, poeta y abogado y su amiga Alejandra Meléndez y en solo dos semanas ya han conseguido recaudar 15.000€,

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