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Monday, May 27, 2019


When L'Entrecôte Café de Paris opened its doors in Conde de Aranda, we rushed to write a post. Since then it has been a reference for lovers of meat with chips and salad, because of the quality and the tasty mysterious sauce. It also simplifies a lot when ordering because you can only choose that product and you know perfectly how much it will cost you: 24€ without drinks and dessert.

First step: salad 

For those who love French fries, the good news is that you can repeat as many times as you want.

Due to the success they have had in the Salamanca neighbourhood, they have decided to expand their business north of Madrid, specifically to 8,  Felix Boix st with a closed terrace that promises a lot for this summer.

I highly recommend that you go to try it and enjoy the point of meat that you like. I personally am rather to the point, although the restaurant offers 5 different points: bleu, saignant, à point, rosé, bien cuit.

And by the way, although the specialty is meat, don't forget the delicious desserts you can order such as the fine chocolate crepe or the red fruit pavlova.

Happy Monday!

L'Entrecôte Café de Paris
C/ Félix Boix 8
Tel; 91 708 79 41

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