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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Peruvian Restaurant: Quispe

In the area of Alonso Martinez there is a great variety of restaurants and bars. A few weeks ago where the belgian restaurant Mejillón was, I discovered that a new Peruvian restaurant called Quispe  
had replaced it.

Nikkei: fusion from Japanese and Peruvian

My favorite Lomo Saltado 

Those of you who follow us know what we love Peruvian restaurants. The name is a wink to the country as Quispe is one of the most common surnames in Peru. 

The decoration is elegant and sobber but some Peruvian details will be found in the lovely photographs hanging on the walls or the cushions with Peruvian fabrics.

Delicious Ceviche!!
In the menu divided into Cold Dishes, hot dishes and signature tapas you will find delicious cebiches and tiraditos to Nikkei products such as makis and niguiris. But what I found extraordinary and that I would not get tired of eating was the delicious Pisco Saur I had as well as the traditional Peruvian dish Lomo Saltado, and a super original dessert of Coulant de Lúcuma which is a typical Peruvian fruit with chocolate.

Hope you like, it is open from Tuesday to Sunday

Quispe Madrid
Calle Orellana, 1. 28004 Madrid.
T. 91 137 57 85

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