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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Movies not to miss on cinema!

I enjoy very much going to the cinema, but I must admit that with all the facilities we have at home now with Movistar, HBO and Netflix , I am lazy to go out for the big screen.
This Christmas I've reconciled myself with the cinema, and I've taken the opportunity to see all kinds of films that I recommend in this post.If you are in love with landscapes and emotional stories where gestures speak louder than words, your film is The Bookstore by spanish director Isabel Coixet. Main character Emily Mortimer personifies sweetness. When I left the cinema I only wanted to retire to a village on the coast of England, put a handkerchief on my head and drink tea in lovely china.
I also recommend two super Made in Spain movies that ensure non-stop laughter:
- "Many Children, a Monkey and a Castle". The documentary that the Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón has recorded about his mother's life, absolutely brilliant and hilarious. For more than 14 years he has followed her daily life and is a truly special woman who used to live in a Castle with a monkey and her 6 children.
Another Spanish film by Alex de la Iglesia: Perfectos desconocidos or "Perfect Unknown", very funny and dramatic at the same time, what if in a dinner of intimate friends, everybody leaves their mobiles in sight of the whole world...? something innocent in appearance, will become a tragedy!
And finally, the Swedish film THE SQUARE, winner of the Palme d' Or in Cannes and with a gorgeous actor Danes Claes Bang. The story of a contemporary art museum director who sees his personal life as a new piece in his museum is disrupted. Exciting in rhythm and history. Also very interesting as a Latina to see how different we are with the northern countries!


  1. Oo I love this list! I'm always looking for new foreign films to watch!

    Natalia x

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