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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Glass Mar - A piece of ocean in Madrid

For those who are nostalgic for summer and sea days, we have the perfect place! The Glass Mar by Angel León.
Angel León, known as the sea chef, has opened in the well-known Hotel Urban, a space to enjoy the excellence of
The former "Glass bar" of the premium hotel located in Barrio de las Letras has been converted into "Glass Mar", which refers to the sea and the special emphasis that the ocean has in the menu.
his 4 Michelin star restaurants: Aponiente and Alevante in Puerto de Santa Maria and Sancti Petri, all of them in the Andalusian coast.
¿A qué sabe el océano?/ What does the Ocean taste like?

Octopuss nem
I think it is one of the most original places to eat in Madrid. It has high gastronomy in bar format, with incredible presentation for its dishes, all with an ocean theme. When I went, my bill came to 35€ including wine, it is really worth it.
I was amazed by all the dishes from the original " A que sabe el océano"/ "What does the ocean taste like?"

to the reinterpretation of Andalusian classics of Andalusia like "Cazon al adobo", or the "ajoblanco" called green garlic soup plankton with prawns.
Best of all, unlike the places that are fashionable in Madrid where it is impossible to book, Glass Mar does not accept reservations. Therefore it is easy to get a table a enjoy a lovely evening.
Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 34
34 917 877 770

Thanks Guille Zamora for your help in editing!

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