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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Welcome to the New 2 stars Michelin Restaurant Coque in Chamberi!

This week I have been honoured to visit the new Coque restaurant, that has recently been moved from Humanes, an industrial small village from Madrid to Archy, a mythical disco where Madrid peple for many generations have enjoyed crazy party nights.
I got very excited by the invitation, looking forward to repeat the wonderful experience that I got long time ago in Humanes, but also curious to see the transformation of the venue from a party Night temple to a luxurious Awarded restaurant.
The decoration is fantastic, and the person responsible for it is young interior designer called Jean Porsche, who has done a wonderful job, it looks fresh, light and at the same time elegant and cosy.
Coque team in the kitchen where customers will also experience some starters
The gastronomical experience starts in the bar downstairs with amazing cocktails and appetizers, followed by the visit to the cellar. Down there you will be presented to a huge vineyard which will makes you think of a forest, surrounded by wonderful bottles of wines. More appetizers follow.
The next part of the visit takes you into the kitchen, watching all the staff working hard at preparing the delicious food. For the main courses, you end up in the restaurant. All the appetizers and main courses were absolutely delicious and in each part of the menu the wines will suit perfectly.
Mario Sandoval, the chef is a very nice and charming. He will treat you incredible and his brothers Diego and Rafael work as the maître and somellier. After all, it's the third generation working in the restaurant.
Coque's Bar 
First part of the gastro experience starts in this couch
Mario Sandoval, the chef is a very nice and charming person that will treat you incredible, his brothers Diego and Rafael are also working as maître and somellier. It is after all, the third generation working in the restaurant.
It seems that bookings are reserved until Christmas, but I would suggest calling the restaurant for any available tables.
The restaurant has two menus: short 130€ + 90€ with wines and long menu: 180€ + 110€ with wines.

11, Marques de Riscal 
Tel: 91 604 02 02

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