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Monday, October 16, 2017

Free Yoga By Oysho

A general view from participants to the yoga masterclass 
Last Sunday, a great event happened in Madrid. I am talking about the massive Free Yoga Masterclass by Oysho, where more than 3.000 people attended. I was one of the lucky ones to participate and I congratulate the organizers and promotors of this great event.
yoga Teachers :-)

Practicing yoga in the middle of your city, surrounded by so many people doing the same moves and sharing the energy was just amazing. While I was doing my asanas, I could see the Prado Museum, hear the birds singing and getting the sun on my back. Mercedes de la Rosa was the lead teacher doing the masterclass, I am a great fan of hers and her yoga center, Zentro, where I have been attending yoga classes since they opened two years ago. All the yoga attendants could follow the class through big screens and platforms with yoga teachers doing the moves. Thanks Itziar and Bea for making such a great yoga class for all the attendants.
This is how it looked before starting the yoga class 
We all enjoyed very much, having the yoga mats all set up and it was very emotional listening to the music of a great singer before the yoga practice. I admit that I am not a big fan of big concentrations, but #freeyogabyoysho will always be on my list of events!

Check their website in order to be tuned: http://www.freeyoga.es

Pictures by www.asafmoran.com


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