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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Carmen Navarro Beauty Centers

A very inspiring woman
If there is someone well known in Madrid for her expertise regarding beauty treatments is Carmen Navarro. This incredible energetic woman has been for more than 40 years a reference in the city, and her hands and recommendations are a must the most influential men and women in the city. Her successful career has lead her to open 6 beauty centers in Madrid and one in Sevilla and she even has created her own cosmetic products brand with truffle as the top ingredient.

I was very lucky to meet her during a collaboration with My Little Madrid and Singapore TV, and her spirit and magnetism enchanted me. So, it was a matter of time to visit one of the 6 establishments that she owns in Madrid. My first option was the newest that has recently opened in 11, Montesquinza st. The result was very impressive, after some months with a lack of sleep her team managed to refreshen my face with a treatment called "time capsule" that I definitely recommend.
Apart from that, the main reason why I would advise you to visit her is the trust she inspires, and the fact that even being such a well-known woman she will take time to meet you, know your needs and give you the best advice. Actually, I am planning to go back very soon, as once you try you get addicted!

If she is not around, don't worry her team has been trained to offer you the best experience possible results. So we hope, that know that we are all back to are routine works and grey days in the cities, you can at least take some time off to take of your body and face.
The day we met Carmen Navarro with the Singapore TV crew

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