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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Filming Madrid Personal Love Affair with American Airlines

We have exciting news. After the past few busy weeks, we are thrilled to announce that from August onwards, all passengers flying on American Airlines will travel with "My little Madrid personal love Affair". This guide will be available on screen for all domestic, European and Latin American flights.
Ben and Adam from Ink Global filming in La Ardosa 
It all started with a call from Ink Global, their travel media entertainment production company.
They were interested in collaborating with us for a documentary about Madrid. Two weeks after they called, a lovely team from London came to produce it, with the task to film the selection of the best food venues in Madrid.
It was difficult to choose from all the excellent places we like but at the end the crew could only film six places.
We arranged to meet with a wide range of venues, we conducted interviews and we eventually obtained our final list:
We also had time to show the Retiro Park to the crew and a very nice filming was made.We cannot wait to see the final product! Thank you, Lauren, Deborah, Ben and Adam, for you time and work with us in Madrid.

Thanks Guille Zamora for final post text editing!

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