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Friday, April 21, 2017

Biking along Madrid Rio

The good news is that the weather is wonderful. We have a lovely springtime in Madrid with long and sunny days so we are willing to wander around the city. And what would be the best way around? Yes, you got it: BIKING!

Madrid is experimenting a deep change. It seems that car drivers start to understand that bikers are here to stay and are becoming more aware and respectful. The Town Hall is making a big effort to create new bike lanes and even pedestrians tend to accept bikers.

We have found a new company for renting bikes in Madrid: Donkey Republic. You just need to charge the Donkey.bike App in your device, find the nearest bike, book it on line and once you get to the bike click unlock and pull up the lock handle when it beeps. You are on the go...

I've been browsing their web and they have quite an experience in 65 cities around the world. There is even a very useful guide to cycling rules dedicated to Madrid City.
My suggestion for these spring days is to get your Donkey Bike in Plaza de la Paja and ride your rental bike towards the Madrid Rio Area. It is a very nice area specially conceived for pedestrians and biking. 

Nearby, just at the beginning of Paseo de la Florida you should visit the Royal Chapel of St. Anthony of La Florida. It is a neoclassical chapel known for its ceiling and dome frescoes by Francisco de Goya. It is also his burial place. But it is specially a very traditional place where spinsters pray to find a partner. So, every June 13, the chapel becomes the site of a lively pilgrimage in which young unwed women come to pray to Saint Anthony and throw 13 pins to into the pile of holy water. Tradition says that immediately after you should lay your hand on them. Upon withdrawal, the number of pins that had been stuck on the palm means the number of boyfriends you will have during the year. Bad luck if your palm is empty!

At this point, after the visit if you want some rest and good cheap food go to another super traditional place: Casa Mingo. Opened since 1888 on an old warehouse that became a cider factory. It serves asturiano food with a traditional menu of roasted chicken and cider.


  1. It's great that they're making Madrid more bike friendly and that people there are becoming more accepting of cyclists! I wish that all big cities could get rid of cars completely and rely on bikes and eco-friendly public transportation.

  2. Thank you for your comment and ride safely!


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