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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Top Best Roscón in Town

Time for Roscón has arrived, it is one of our favourite Christmas moments! If you walk by Madrid, you will notice that all the bakeries show their best Roscón in their windows. With its typical frozen fruit on top of it and its oval shape.
the 6th of January its a great day, as Madrilians always eat Roscon on Epiphany day either for breakfast or tea time, celebrating the arrival of the Three Wise Kings with presents for everyone. It will be available some days later, in case you miss it tomorrow.
Roscón is not only a great cake but has also many surprises inside. People will always cut it with curiosity trying to search for its gifts inside hoping to get the figurines inside as they bring good luck and also a paper crown to wear while eating. However it can also come with a bad new, as finding the bean inside means you'll have to pay for it!
My little Madrid has selected three Roscón for our beloved readers hoping that you like them eating them at home or in these places with hot chocolate! Prices will depend of the size of the roscón, don't forget to buy hot chocolate with it!!
Here is our Top Three:
- Cristina Oria , a good opportunity to order it as they have become very famous and visit their brand new restaurant and coffee bar in the first floor and shop in the ground floor, made in their workshop and baked every day. It is very artisanal and you can either choose it plain or with whipe cream. 6, Conde de Aranda st.
Example of Cristina Oria's Roscón nature and with Whipe Cream
- Crustó, also made in a very artisanal way, you will find them nature, with white cream or truffle check their website and order them in one of their three stores.
- Pastelerias Mallorca, a mythical place for Roscón , their first bakery was opened in 1931 in Madrid after winning the Christmas lottery and since them it has been a reference for Madrilians, you have them plain with almonds, with fruits, with whipe cream or truffle
Iconic Mallorca Fruit Roscón

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