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Friday, November 4, 2016

Baby and Mother Yoga Lessons

We have a special recommendation for both babies and mommies today: Yoga Lessons at Zentro Urban Yoga  The center has, between its variety of classes, a special one for those women who have recently given birth and want to do some exercise during their maternity leave.

Mothers and babies getting ready for their yoga lesson!
It is the cutest yoga lesson to watch as babies look at their moms with attention and curiosity while doing their lesson or wait for them sleeping at their feet. It also can happen that some of them need to be feed or want some cuddles, this won't be a problem since their mothers can stop the lesson and come back after baby's needs are attended.
Most of the participants in the class bring their own baby but it is also suitable for those mothers who prefer to take some time off. The exercises are gentle and they help stretching the body after the birth.  It is also a good excuse to go out with the baby and you have the opportunity to meet other mothers and their babies.
The funniest part of the lesson is when babies are an active part of the exercise, they all love it, most of them laugh while their mother hold them for exercising. Baby will feel entertained while his mother can get back in shape! Excellent 2x1
Babies so relaxed while mommy listens to Lorena
For more information, check Zentro Urban Yoga  website as for the moment there is only one lesson per month for 20€ but on demand Lorena, the teacher will organise a group.
5, Claudio Coello
28001 Madrid
Tel: + 34 635822237


  1. Thank you very much for the nice review of the class! A pleasure to share the experience with you and your little one! This is indeed the cutest class of all!

  2. This yoga provides freedom to the various body part and help in its movement freely. Thus you can focus mentally and physically when you master in the anti gravity Top yoga mats


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