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Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Little IKEA Shop in Madrid

IKEA has done it again! It has reinvented its model! The company has decided to combine the big outskirt warehouse with the traditional intimate downtown little shop. In Madrid the chosen location couldn’t be more typical and central: El Rastro. We all love el Rastro, its bargaining spirit, the special and unique pieces you can find there… How can IKEA, so modern, so Nordic, so clean, combine with it?
Well, it seems that they have succeeded grandly… All the media report that there is a huge permanent queue to access the little shop: la Tiendita in 5, San Cayetano street and the ateliers they had scheduled are complete. No chance to attend to them.

La Tiendita is a pop-up shop and will be open form the 21st to the 30th of Otober 2016. It will be selling exclusive limited items that have never been sold before in Spain. Swedish inspired products made out of wood and glass and with a "Vintage" touch.

We welcome this initiative that gives a new local dimension to the gigantic IKEA. We love the new My Little IKEA and will not miss this occassion.

5, San Cayetano (el Rastro)
28005 Madrid 

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