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Monday, June 20, 2016

Spanish Fashion Designers at affordable prices for elegant occasions

one of my favorite designs from Double Ikkat
June and July are well known months for hosting some of the big events such as weddings, big parties and cocktails. Although we are not a fashion blog, I thought that some tips on where to get nice gowns at affordable prices would be surely appreciated for those of you who want to renew your wardrobe. Specially knowing that Spanish fashion has remarkable things to offer and that there’s life after Zara!

My choices are mainly three:
 DoubleIkkat: created by two inspiring young woman Paloma and Eva, they have created few years ago a succesful fashion company mainly based on-line but also available in Speed and Bacon and Vallmai. They have elegant, unique and sobber dresses with always a Little twist that makes the difference. Their prices are very reasonable and in case you buy on-line no post services cost for more tan 100€ shopping and in case you want to return it is always easy.
-       Poète: They have many shops around Madrid that are very femenine and cause, although shopping on-line is also possible. Their romantic and femenine style will surely help you find a colourful and flower power dress that will make you feel just … ready to impress! I have already wore some of their dresses and apart from the fact that I loved how they suit me, I also have to say that with just a handwash at home, your dress will be ready for a next party.

Inside Poète's store
Poète's designs
-       Mimoki: we have already mentionned Ana Maria and her lovely shop many times, but hadn’t informed our readers that they have moved into Conde de Aranda. I always love to visit her as her kindness is remarkable and you find not only a great outfit but also great complements as headbands, jewelry and casual clothes. She is also well known for her great #breakfastatmimoki and for selling our my little Madrid guides in the past!
corner in new Mimoki conde de aranda st

So break the bank and go shopping!!!
Prices from 100€.


  1. Thank you so much for this post! It is so difficult to find a ball gown for a reasonable price, considering that you rarely wear them.

    I like to buy them long and simple but not too simple, to shorten them later on.

    1. Dear Leonie! I'm sure you'll like them all. Now they are on sales!!

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