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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mejillón - Moules, Bière, Frites

If you have travelled to Belgium, I am sure the concept Moules et Frites is familiar to you. I have always loved it, as it is: a simple and cheap meal which is also quite fun. Actually, my friends and I were wondering why in Madrid there weren’t any places where you could just have mussels and french fries.
It seems that my demand was heard and last week I had the chance to visit Mejillón. It is exactly what it sounds like: mussels in a big casserole, french fries and a choice of more than 30 different beers. Belgium dessert specialities like the famous gaufre are also available.
It has opened in trendy Alonso Martinez neighbourhood by the same owner of Café de Paris. It has lovely decorations including big windows and stripped wall paintings, where this mollusc is the main and only protagonist. In the menu, you can choose among many different sauces for your mussels. I went for the traditional style and chose Belgium sauce but some of my friends dared with the more exotic Peruvian and Japanese sauces, they were delighted!
I really recommend the visit to Mejillón!
1, Orellana
28004, Madrid
Tel: +34  91 137 57 85

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