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Friday, June 10, 2016

Instavets - best care for your pet!

In case you have a pet at home, I am going to let you know about a new vet service called instavets that I am sure you are going to love if you live in Madrid region.

My cat personally hates everytime I take him into his cage for a vet visit. She stresses and starts complaining once I fit her in the car and the waiting time until the doctor call us, becomes an eternity surrounded by other animals in the waiting room.
My cat and Instavets: best friends!
Instavets avoids all the stress, making vet visit a very pleasant moment for you pet.
The main reason is that instead of taking the pet to a clinic, the vet comes home. This service makes everything easier, as the animal feels at home even if a vaccine is on its way. I experienced the service with a lovely vet who kindly gave some cookies to my cat and everything went smooth, she felt that the vet was a friend of mine.

If you want to require this vet service, you can either upload their app or go into their website and check the prices which are quite reasonable. You pay 39€ each visit including a medical review. For other treatments check the list of prices. This way you won’t get any uncorfortable surprise with the bill. You can either pay cash or credit card.

They also have a very useful service although it is quite sad. If your pet dies, they will take care of everything with extremely love and care.


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