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Friday, December 18, 2015

Japanese tea time in Madrid: Panda

We are all very familiar with sushi as a main Japanese dish, but Japan’s gastronomy is so much more than that!! In fact, in Japan, they love sweet things, their sweets even compete against some of the best and most acclaimed French patisseries in the world every two years in the famous Coupe du Monde de Patisserie.

In Madrid, there is only one place where you can taste Japanese pastries, its name is Panda, open from Monday to Sunday (during tea time schedule) from 17.00h to 20.00h.
I also advise you to watch this wonderful Japanese film called “AN” by film director: Naomi Kawase. It is very inspiring, you’ll learn about the technique and delicacy, Japanese people apply to everything they do, especially regarding Doriyakis (Little pancakes filled with bean paste), a dish comparable to our Spanish churros.
In Panda, apart from offering: doriyakis, mochis and macarrons filled with exotic flavours like lichy or cherry tree, you’ll also find a broad range of organic Japanese teas.

I am sure you are thinking, but where can I find such an amazing place? The answer is simple: the only Japanese tavern were no sushi is found, Hattori Hanzo.
Tea ceremony
Calle del Desengaño, 11,
28004 Madrid
Tel: 606 28 26 08


  1. It looks like you have gone on holiday - and why not :) :) - we would love to be in Madrid again right now, but..... maybe next year.
    So I write www.anyone4curryandotherthings.com (see: Madrid) - and to both of you, thank you for keeping my family up to date on whats happening in your beautiful city and for now FELIZ NAVIDAD! :)

  2. Hi Marcela!!
    This is Mika Nakamura from Nara, Japan.
    I am now following your blog and enjoy reading all your articles about Madrid.
    The film director you mentioned in this blog, Naomi Kawase, is also from Nara!! (Surprised?!) Acutally, I have know her for years! hahaah! I wish I could have shared with you when you were in Nara.
    This Japanese pastrie looks soooo yammy! Dorayaki is one of my favorite!
    The more I read you blog, the more I want to visit Madrid!
    I hope you are doing well. Please say hello to your family for me!!
    I will keep reading this site and will be looking forward to knowing more about Madrid.
    Til the day we see again, please keep in touch!!

    Mika Nakamura :)
    Nara Japan
    p/s On Jan. 11st, I was awarded as the best Concierge for sight-seeing. Now I am an officially certifeid concierge!

  3. The dress code can also be mentioned in the invitation. The sandwiches and the tea are the best combination for the high tea party.
    jiaogulan tea expert


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