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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My little DIY Madrid Wedding!

 We’ve been absent from blogging in the last few weeks and the reason, as you might have known, was that the younger of the two “My Little Madrid” sisters got married! It’s been quite a busy time but of course we are back on track and hoping to give some tips for those of you who are planning on getting married in Madrid!
 Best advice: Don’t worry, and think of the whole organisation as part of the celebration, avoid getting complicated specially if you have little time or you are too busy, like in our case!

There are many venue options in the city, and luckily we had a family garden at hand. The venue was in the surroundings of Madrid, which made the decision easy. However, in the city you can rent a wide range of locations from hotels to private clubs, so its perfect! In fact, I recently recommend two interesting options: La masía de Jose Luis in Casa de Campo and Casa Club, in the centre of Madrid, it has a big house and a garden close to the IE buildings. Unfortunately there is no website to show. By the way they both have a catering service.

Another big decision is whether you get married by the city town hall or at church. In Spain we have quite strong links with the catholic religion and it is important to accomplish the prenuptial stage. It consists in a two days exercise in the church with your future partner. My advice is the Parroquia San Juan de Ribera, they have lovely priests who really make it worth it! 

Once you have the date, a venue, the bride takes the whole protagonist role… and for the bride dress, my choice was Teresa Palazuelo, one the greatest Spanish wedding dress designers. 

For beauty advice, I opted for tunning at SKININC. It has a special oxy and infusion peel that will help you look amazing, in only 2 visits and you will look brighter than ever!

Make-up wise, MAC cosmetics in Goya we found them very professional. Also, according to my experience, it is important to look as beautiful as ever, and their make- up lasts until the last guest leaves the party!
Hair- My hairdresser Paco, will do the perfect hairlook!

Furthermore, the bride bouquet has to be amazing and for this, Floreale is the top flowershop in Madrid . I also advise you to ask them to decorate the venue; it will be outstanding, for sure.

As far as the groom is concerned, the morning jacket can be rented at Gerardo (they aren’t so important!) ha ha… 

Regarding invitations, if you want to send some, my recommendation is Artepapel, they will make a cute design and their office deserves a visit, you will find many different options for many different budgets. I have to congratulate Correos because the service was fast (all invitations delivered in 2 days and only 3 invitations got lost and all my guests in Madrid got their invitation!
Food, music and alcohol are key in the wedding, and your guests will be critical if it goes wrong, but don’t worry I have the best tips; Cristina Oria will be perfect for nourishing your guests  and if you want to be Spanish, an ‘Iberico’ Ham should also have its spotlight. One of my favourites is Arturo Sánchez and having a ham slicer will be very much appreciated. 

At my wedding, Tu Carrito Musical and Fran Mocker made all the guests dance until 5.00 am, that’s a good signal that he will do a great performance.

Cigars is an option and Habanos is the best recommendation. Arranging a cigar corner will make guests enjoy and learn more about the cigar world.

And for the alcohol, Spanish weddings have “barra libre”, which means that you need to have a filled bar with all the possible options for guests to get drunk… alcohol must not run out..!

And last but not least in case you are a guest and don’t know what to wear, visit La Mas Mona for renting amazing party dresses.


  1. Great, useful post!! For bridal makeup (and makeup that is ecological/organic) look at my site!

  2. Hola Emmad!! Thanks for your comment, do you come to Madrid from Time to time?

    My little Madrid

  3. Interesting post as for me! What about the photographer?


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