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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chef Ainsley Harriot eats Madrid with us!

ainsley harriot in madrid
We never expected but it did happen… My Little Madrid will be featured in a TV show next January in many countries: the United Kingdom; the USA; Australia and some countries in Asia.  Best of all,  we will show some of our Madrid favorite places to famous and lively British chef Ainsley Harriott! The TV show is called “Ainsley Eats the Streets", and this time, the  famous chef travels around the world looking for new gastronomic experiences.  Of course, after going to Morocco, he could not fail to visit Madrid!

As we are very excited about this project and it will be a long time before we can watch it on TV, in this post we’ll write about the making of the show.
It is quite a job to prepare a TV show; we have realized it after this experience. We started our conversations with the producer company in June, and we finally met them on October the 14th. We showed them our personal choices for a traditional versus modern Madrid, and they suggested that one of us could show Ainsley around the city in the TV show  and that was quite something!!

We never expected that each recording would take so long…more than 5 days of intense filming. We very much enjoyed the company of this excellent crew: Caroline, Steve, Alex and David and of course great Ainsley made the filming a great experience! We ate a lot and we had a blast.

It was difficult to choose the places where My Little Madrid would take our British guest to have an unforgettable experience in Madrid, and at the end the production crew made its choice… breakfast in Café Comercial, tapas and aperitivo in La Ardosa and CasaDani, menú del dia in Casa Dani and dinner in cool Sala de Despiece.

We leave you some pictures of the filming and of course we will let you know when it’s shown on TV!

Nunca pensamos llegar a la TV pero el próximo mes  de enero estaremos en la tele en Reino Unido, EEUU, Australia y algunos países asiáticos. Enseñaremos algunos de nuestros sitos favoritos al famoso y simpatiquísimo chef inglés Ainsley Harriot!  SU programa se llama "Ainsley Eats the Streats" (Ainsley se come las calles), y en el el famoso chef viaja por distintas ciudades buscando experiencias gastronómicas distintas.

Estamos encantadas con este proyecto, pero asombradas de la cantidad de trabajo que implica rodar un simple capítulo. Iniciamos las conversaciones con los productores en junio, nos encontramos con ellos en octubre, momento en el que tras algunas de nuestras sugerencias eligieron dónde rodar.
Han sido cinco dias de rodaje intenso en el que disfrutamos de la compañía de: Caroina, Steve, Alex, David y sobre todo del genial Ainsley!
Fue difícil elegir los sitios, pero al final el equipo eligió: café Comercial para desayunar, tapas y aperitivo en la Ardosa, menú del día en Casa Dani y cena en la moderna Sala de Despiece... 

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  1. Helloo i just watched this episode, i think the foods there looks incredible. Would you be kind to list the restauran you visited during the shooting of the episode?

    Thank you.
    Dita from Indonesia


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