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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Entertaining at Home in Madrid (hassle free) Part 2 - The Main Dish

Welcome Home! My Little Madrid
Welcome Home!
Following our first post referring to the Dessert (Part 1), we are ready to deliver the second post concerning entertaining at home hassle free. This time, we will focus on the main dish (the 'starter' for Americans). My suggestions are:

Ana Kreisler (ana-kreisler@hotmail.com): pleasant and uncomplicated, Ana brings everything you need for entertaining in your home. Her suggestions encompass largely homemade meals, so you can claim you cooked the food yourself! 

ana kreisler dish
Ana Kreisler Suggestion!
Altagracia Catering: although they specialize in business occasions (breakfasts, meals, buffets), Altagracia also offers a very practical section of “platos preparados”, where you can order only an entry or a main dish, or both, from a varied list in portions for 8/10 people.

For a Mexican themed dinner: Carmen Pensamiento (tel: 679 677 893) will deliver native Mexican food to your kitchen. She makes excellent margaritas, nachos, fajitas, burritos and enchiladas.

For an Italian dinner: visit Accademia del Gusto, where you will find all and only authentic Italian products. You can choose to have an Italian chef at home, who will serve a freshly cooked in-house Italian meal, or alternatively, hire their catering service. They also have a stand at the Mercado de San Antón, where you can buy specialties such as aranccini and other delights to be included in your Italian buffet.

Accademia del Gusto
Accademia del Gusto
For a real Spanish meal, go for paella. This dish should be offered after a light aperitivo and everyone will love it! A real Spanish meal! Be conscious, however, that it has to be good paella and freshly cooked otherwise it is better to avoid it. The best place in town to find paella is Samm’s. The good news is that they have recently incorporated a take away service (a bit expensive, but you won't have any bad surprises!). 

Samm's paella
Samm's paella, yummy!
Finally, if you really want to astonish your guests, opt for Norema Salinas, a very modern and sophisticated catering service offering a broad range of products that can cater to an intimate dinner or an event of more than 1 000 people. Delicious!

Buffet in Reds by Norema Salinas
Buffet in Reds by Norema Salinas

Hace algunas semanas publicamos un primer post sobre como recibir en casa sin complicarnos la vida. En esa ocasión nos centramos únicamente en el postre, ahora llega la hora de la verdad, del plato fuerte...

Mis direcciones son las siguientes:
Ana Kreisler (ana-kreisler@hotmail.com), para cenas sin complicaciones. Llega a casa con todo lo que necesitas y te organiza una cena con platos bastante caseros, así que puedes incluso presumir de que lo has hecho todo tu.

ana Kreisler
Ana Kreisler
Altagracia Catering, aunque está especializada en comidas de empresas y en importantes Consejos de Administración, ofrece la posibilidad de comprar un plato fuerte o dos, normalmente previstos para 8/10 personas, de manera que refuerzas un bufe.

Para una cena con tema mejicano, sin dudarlo Carmen Pensamiento (tel: 679 677 893). Es una experta cocinera mejicana que hará delicias en bebidas y en comidas (y a buen precio).

Si prefieres que el tema sea el italiano, entonces no dudes en acudir a la Accademia del GustoPuedes, desde comprar todo lo necesario para un rico aperitivo/cóctel, hasta pedir que te manden un Chef italiano a casa o hacer uso de su servicio de catering, como tu prefieras...
Norema Salinas in blues
Norema Salinas in blues
Y ya, si lo que quieres es que tus amigos se queden epatados del todo, la propuesta es Norema Salinassofisticada y exquisita, ofrece un servicio desde una cena íntima hasta más de 1.000 invitados. Y si quieres te decora el espacio para que la fiesta sea perfecta!

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  1. Grazie mille My Little Madrid!

    We would be delighted to help any of your followers with their menu ;-)
    Best regards,

    La Accademia del Gusto


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