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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Casa Decor 2013 - A Yearly Appointment (we cannot miss)

Another year Casa Decor opens its doors in Madrid!! This time more challenging than ever. Designers need to transform a very 60's circular shaped office building, former british embassy, into residential spaces. Conceived as a diplomatic complex, the building is self-contained with its own system of security, electrical and water systems. And a very difficult layout. A real challenge and an extraordinary outcome! worth the visit!

I love this yearly appointment, I feel myself sneaking into tasteful private spaces offering tons of decoration ideas. Some you can implement right away and some others make you dream...
Lets start by the external courtyard here you can see the space before and after:
Bold empty
Sumptuous floral composition
Flowers and sunbeds
Amusing interpretation of the swimming pool filled with british sheep
I loved this one; a tubular structure very much in tune with the building and with the 60's. Inside the feeling is very peculiar.

When you get inside the building the first thing you are faced with is the staircase, a very ugly space that has been magicaly transformed thanks to gigantic stickers by Juliana de Luca y Angelica Eriksson.


Very nice the space conceived by IADE Escuela de Diseño:

IADE Casa Decor meeting room

This space I also liked. It shows how to arrange a tiny space to look much bigger, extraordinary job performed by Manuel Espejo.

Some objects are just gorgeous, loved this lamp:

And this piece of art:

This composition looks like a still life by Sanchez Cotán ;):

More nice spaces, this time the designer is Diego Rodriguez:

I just loved Javier Castilla, and the blue emerald colour that seems to be a hot trend:

Lovely fabric

Lucia Peironcely y Luca Lapetra fill with fun and colour common spaces:

And the gorgeous Kitchen by Deulonder, can't be described, you have to see it in person!!:

This was a really cute space by Oscar Vautherin, and artist I follow and like very much:

A nice idea for a bathroom, tiles reproducing a photo of Madrid by Zooco:

Very nice presents and object you can buy directly from Fundación Carmen Pardo-Valcarcel:

This object was repeated in many spaces. It's a wall clock, really very original:

This open fire (though it does not heat at all) was great fun, by Arqbellytura:

An this is one of my favorite corners, the Ambassador hanger at the Ambassador's office by Olga Palmero Mazón:

Nice wall done with Vista Alegre porcelain:

Longing to see next edition 2014!!

16, Fernando El Santo
Madrid 28010
From May 17 to June 23
Open every day from 11-21 h.
General admission: € 12 Reduced: 7 and 9 €


  1. Me encanta lo que haceis....seguir asì.Para los que estamos fuera es maravilloso poder ver estos pequeños reportajes. Enhorabuena!!!


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