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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PAULA OS CUIDA - trainer and animal caretaker

This post will be very useful for pet owners or for those who would love to become one but fear the continuous compromise, knowing that it is as hard to handle (especially if single) as having a new family  member... the solution is called: PAULA OS CUIDA!
Charming Paula has always wanted to work in open air with animals; after dog training studies abroad she decided to come back to Spain to set up her dream.

Paula will care about your dog offering several specialised services; fun walks with toys and lots of playing, petsitting at your or her place, training,  vet and therapeutical services, diet plans, cleaning, hairdressing... everything you might need for your pet.

I have already seen her at work and you can say she loves dogs (and dogs love her!). Prices are very affordable depending if it's a spot care or you rather want a periodical service, need to call her and negotiate!!

For more info, check her blog : http://paulaoscuida.org/


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