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Monday, February 25, 2013

Paco (my favorite Hairdresser) and Alice in Wonderland Beauty Salon

Finding a good hairdresser is very difficult but once you find him fidelity is guaranteed. This is why my post today is about Paco Palacio (625 371 839), great professional and best quality price in town! It’s been now years since I trust him for my haircuts and new looks and it always ends up with my happy smile staring at the mirror when I see the result. His chat and opinions regarding gossip magazines are a plus for extra fun!

Paco Palacio
Seriously, I leave you in good hands…! He won’t do what you ask for if he thinks it doesn’t fit you. Paco will guide you towards your perfect look classy and elegant but with a twist! He is quite busy so call in advance..! 

He works as a free lancer but you can find him in a really cute vintage beauty saloon called Alice in Wonderland (please take a look at their Web page, it's amazing!), where Carolina, the owner has recreated the spirit of Alice's tale; 50’s furniture and nice wall painted paper. You will feel great! Very different from all those cold and hyper-sophisticated places where white is the trend. Here you feel like grabbing a nice cup of tea and chatting with lovely grandmothers! Professional manicure ladies will treat you very well and I assure you they have the latest trend in colours. 

Paco Palacio
 625 371 839 

Alice in Wonderland
c/ Tamayo y Baus, 7 
28004 Madrid 
Tel: + 34 91 522 53 22 


  1. Hi, just wondering if you still like Rossano Ferretti too?

  2. I do, for special occasions Rossano Ferretti is my choice. And there I am a fan of Enzo!

  3. Thanks for your reply! I found your blog by chance because the name of my dog's blog also begins with MyLittle haha! I will try RF because apparently they use INOA hair color, which is what I usually use before I moved to Madrid. And then maybe also try out the BlowDryBar (in one of your previous posts) just for blow drying :)

  4. I have also experienced of this place. It provides very good facilities with well workers.

  5. Your presentation is amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing!
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  6. hello,

    what is the price for a hair cut? i can't really understand their site.

  7. Las chicas que trabajan allí son encantadoras pero se nota que quien ha montado el negocio es alguien que no tiene ni idea del negocio de estética y mucho menos de manicuras (lo dice una que ha vivido en NYC y sabe lo que es una manicura). Las pobres chicas trabajan bajo las condiciones que le dispone alguien que no debe saber lo que es hacer una manicura. Necesitan desesperadamente de una drying station -si vas, mentalízate para estar 3 horas secando las uñas al aire. Muy mono el sitio y todo eso, pero no vale el precio que se paga si vas con la idea de una experiencia de mani-pedi completa.

  8. I agree, Paco Paquito Paco es the best


  9. Paco todavía trabaja allí??


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