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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Macadamia Graf - tapas, drinks and restaurant

eating a cesar salad
Eating a Cesar Salad
The good thing about Madrid is the fact that spontaneous plans are always welcome! Sometimes you begin with a few friends eating tapas and end up having dinner and if the crowd is fun…drinks and dancing! We have found a great place for everything, its name is Macadamia Graf, a tasty name for a tasty place!

It used to be a well known night club: Graf, for people today in their thirties that started clubbing. Now it is run by some of those usual customers who redecorated it and added the gastronomic section to the night club.
It is really nicely decorated, sober and classy and you can choose different things to do: have informal tapas at the entrance, standing up drinks at the bar or book a table at the rear, all in one space… and obviously you can spot who’s doing what!

This is how it looks the Cesar Salad!

The menu is quite something! My favorites are the original Caesar salad, and the egg inside a fried potato new sophisticated version for the Spanish tortilla. And then we come to the price; you get a very decent dinner for 30€ including wine, A good selection of cocktails is also available and you’ll be surrounded by nice cool trendy people.

I would say it’s the ten con ten version for people in their thirties and therefore younger and cheaper!  Perfect spot for Thursdays and WE nights.

I haven’t been there on Wednesdays but it seems that a magician plays tricks. Isn’t it original?

50, Maria de Molina 
28006   Madrid
Tel: +34 91 169 75 77

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