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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ART Week End in Madrid

One of my favourite week ends of the year was last one!! Madrid suddenly turns into a wonderful melting pot for artists, art collectors, galleries and keen on art! we visited ARCO and JustMAD and had a wonderful time!

We had the chance to visit ARCO, three days in a row, with different perspectives each time. First day with an art collector that discovered us his “shopping” and transmitted his passion for art. Second day with an artist that is more into the technique than into conceptual art and the third day with a professional guide! I strongly recommend this last visit, especially if you have some times the feeling that modern art is something you will never understand…
Almudena Lobera with her art work ARCO
Almudena Lobera with her art work
Our guide at ARCO

We have made a selection of our favourite pieces in Arco: Ivorypress stand with los Carpinteros (splashed tomatoes on the wall), famous architect Zaha Hadid's sculptures in marble and Asensio’s metallic sculptures.
Another great artist Jaume Plensa and fantastic strange perspective 3D child sculpture made in Alabaster.
Almudena Lobera and her personal creation of a library made of wooden book boxes and a selection of special paragraphs from the book awarded by ABC stand. We had the chance to meet her and she is adorable!
Splashed tomatoes by Los Carpinteros at Ivory Press
Splashed tomatoes by Los Carpinteros at Ivory Press
There were also many artists worth to mention, like Gunter Forg, Secundino Hernandez, Spanish artist represented by many international galleries, Stephan Balkenkol and his wooden sculptures, Genoves father and son…! 3 days were really needed in order to see it all and still…!!

Jaume Plensa ARCO
Jaume Plensa
 Zaha Hadid sculptures in marble
 Zaha Hadid sculptures in marble 
JustMADbased at the Hotel Silken Puerta de América’s garage, was also fascinating and even more challenging and avant-garde. Here art is not necessarily equal to investment, even though there are many well known galleries from all over the world prices are more affordable and artists are more emerging. Our favourites were from Colombian and Portuguese galleries. Historic portraits made with objects that identify the person - like tin soldiers for Franco or teabags for queen Elisabeth - form Colombian artist Martin Mancera and the Portuguese photographer Carlos Azeredo Mesquita  at Kubik Gallery, whose pictures are related to world tube stations… and guess what next to come will be Metro de Madrid!!! Looking forward to see it!!
our view from the roof of Hotel Puerta de América
our view from the roof of Hotel Silken Puerta de América

Franco' tin soldiers portrait and author Carlos Azeredo
Franco' tin soldiers portrait and author Martin Mancera

Carlos Azeredo Mesquita  at Kubik Gallery
Carlos Azeredo Mesquita  at Kubik Gallery

Feria de Madrid
Apdo. de Correos 67.067
28042 Madrid

Hotel Silken Puerta de América
Avenida de América, 41
28002 Madrid

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  1. Gracias por esta estupenda seleccion de obras tan acertada para aquellos que no pudimos verlo.


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