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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Norte y Sur - The essence of what Madrilenians really like

How could you describe Marisquería Norte y Sur? Why do madrilenians like it? It's an ugly (very ugly) tasca/bar/restaurant in a non trendy area (plaza de Cuatro Caminos), noisy, small, uncomfortable... and yet always packed, lively and offering excellent food. The concept can be defined as "barra de cuchara y paso atrás" (fill your spoon and step back).

And the secret must be the good beer and good products from the north and the south of Spain (that's the reason for its name) as well as the lively and easy athmosphere, very far away from fashion trends... Excellent sea food and meat, all done plancha style (grilled), with its perfect touch of salt.

Don´t need to keep good manners, fight for your gamba (shrimp) and lick your fingers without hesitation... But do not be mislead by its appearance: It is not cheap!
I would say it is the perfect match for a nice evening together with  Renoir cinemas, just in front.

97, Bravo Murillo
28003 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 5540221

10, Raimundo Fernández Villaverde
28003, Madrid
Tel: +34 91 5414100


  1. I was there last Saturday and I seriously doubt that the sea food ("calamar" and "navajas") was fresh. On the other hand, the meat ("lomo alto") was delicious.

  2. I was there on saturday too! I had gambas and it was delicious but I now nothing about navajas and calamar...you might be right...


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