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Monday, January 14, 2013

Motha - Homemade Yummy Brunch and more...

A new discovery for 2013! Restaurant Café Motha, a very cozy eco-friendly place that stands for homemade food. Many people from the neighbourhood had recommended it to me and after reading an excellent gastro-review it was imperative to go and get my own opinion…

Nice unpretentious decoration, friendly waiter and waitress... The perfect place to go on your own with a newspaper and your dog! Yes, indeed they let dogs inside. Modern but quiet people around, relaxed clientele. Just cool!

And yet the food is their better distinctive. You’ll find a simple menu where everything is homemade, and I mean 100% homemade, even the bread and the cookies served along with coffee. It makes a huge difference. Short menu choice: 4 salads, 4 bagels, 4 desserts the taste is fantastic and the price too.

They offer a super interesting deal for brunch. You can choose the full option for 26€ getting three meals: breakfast (coffee, orange juice and yogurt with honey and fruit, can be completed with a sweet or savory option), aperitivo (sampling of toast with mozzarella, hummus, eggplant salmon and cream, a choice of vermouth and a glass of champagne) and lunch (braised brisket, salmon, omelet with cheese, burger or cotoletta alla Milanese, bagels, focaccia, stuffed potato, salad, potatoes...and dessert; carrot cake, apple crumble, lemon cake or waffle with berries). But you can also split and get only breakfast, or breakfast and aperitivo, or aperitivo and lunch, etc... you customize your choice with as many variations as you wish... Here their menuSince the place is small I suggest you make your booking beforehand.

Next to Motha at Santa Maria Street, I recommend to visit a very original shop: Delight - Detalles y Bienestar where you’ll find funny vynils to decorate your house!

39, Santa Maria 
28014 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 3697336

25, Santa María
28014 Madrid
Tel: +34 913692085


  1. We love Motha, feels just like home...

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Motha ^ _ ^
    It's been fun! This is your home ...See you soon!

  3. Hola. Que tal? Estuve leyendo tu blog hace un par de semanas y queria hacerte una preguntita. Yo vivo en Buenos Aires donde trabajo para una agencia de marketing digital e innovacion para ONGs. Estamos haciendo un curso de innovacion para una agencia de fundraising en Madrid y queremos darles una experiencia unica al equipo ganador (4 personas). La experiencia podria ser una cena linda (estuve pensando en lugares de puertas cerradas o algo un poco menos comun) o la oportunidad de hacer alguna activdad media loca! Estuve viendo en tu blog un techo donde se puede hacer picnic y cosas asi...pero parece una actividad mas bien para verano. Queria saber si tenias alguna sugerencia de cosas fuera del comun en madrid...tu blog parece bastante esa onda.
    muchisimas gracias por tu aporte
    Ashley x (ashley@marceloiniarra.com)

  4. Hola Ashley, pues claro que hay mil planes diferentes para hacer en Madrid, la opcion de cena en el Molar un pueblo fuera de madrid es una de ellas.. ahora que es gastro festival hay cantidad de sitios especiales.. dinos cuando sería y lo pensamos!

    gracias por seguirnos!

  5. Qué buen post, Almudena!! Quiero ir al Motha!!


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