I am from Madrid, love the city and want to share my special addresses. Every day a new idea, place or thing to do in Madrid. Everything has been thoroughly tested but it is only a personal opinion.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10 good intentions to start 2013 in shape!!

  1. Fix yourself realistic goals…! Forget about purposes out of your reach such as finding your perfect match (just heaven knows) or learning Chinese in six months… Don't frustrate yourself as of January please...
  2. Start a new healthy lifestyle and buy yourself a bike or Rollerblades for the week end at the Retiro Park.
  3. Read more books, watch less TV (but do watch series such as Game of Thrones, Homeland, Deadwood or The Wire – a piece of art!!!).
  4. Plan yourself 2 good trips during the year: a long expensive and a short economical or vice versa (depending on your possibilities). The trip preparation can be more exciting and rewarding than the trip itself. 
  5. Visit a non crowded exhibition or museum per month (Fundacion MAPFRE, CANAL, CAIXAFORUM, Museo Lázaro Galdiano, Museo Cerralbo, and more… check Blog!!). Your spirit will be gratified. 
  6. Take time to walk instead of using car or public transport. You will discover many hidden spots not reachable from a wheeled perspective. 
  7. Discover a new place in your city that nobody else knows… and tell us! 
  8. Start that new hobby you’ve been avoiding (though wishing) for so long…!! Knitting, Cooking, Zumba, Pole Dance lessons… 
  9. Plan some savings per month (less tobacco, taxis, clothes or drinks at night). You will spend it later on something great (the long trip). 
  10. Be grateful, there is always something to be thankful for! Especially if you live in MADRID. Enjoy the sunshine on any bench of any street…


  1. Good morning, dear "My Little". Wonderful post!! I can see myself (one year ago) reflected in the first point, when you say "learning chinese in six months" ;-) Hope to choose better in 2013... Love your suggestions, above all the long and short trip, and if there is not money at all, any bench of any street!!!!!!

    Yours always,

  2. I think I share all of these with you. I live outside of Madrid so whenever I come in is by car, I want to try and use the train with the kids because I think it's also something new for them. And yes we have to be grateful, the weather here is great, today it's a bit cold but there are more sunny days than anything else.


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