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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

La Comercial - Nice Shopping for Christmas Presents

bustier dress by Cristina Ponce de Leon
Look what you can do with your cheeseburger wrappings!!!

La Comercial de Villanueva is an interesting space full of imagination. Carefully selected objects for women, mothers and their daughters; clothes, accessories, books, candles, paintings, ceramic, furniture and much more... Besides its own brand, Casiopea, La Comercial offers national and foreign brands such as NIU, Les Petits Hauts de Paris and Bella Jones.

And the most interesting thing is the opportunity La Comercial provides to young designers and artists who show a promising talent. Two awesome and striking works by artist Cristina Ponce de León are shown at present. One is a bustier dress made out of cheeseburger wrappings and the other a dress made out of wood clothespins.

It deserves a visit, either for christmas shopping or just to admire the work of Cristina Ponce de León.

Detail of the skirt...

wooden  clothespins dress
and with some clothespins...

detail of the clothespins dress

La Comercial
5, Villanueva
28001 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 7023399


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