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Friday, November 2, 2012

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Crazy Halloween

I'm not particularly keen about celebrating Halloween. It is not a tradition in Spain at all. However, since last year I love a crazy show that has become a fixed appointment in my list of great annual parties!  The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A good excuse to dress up in an extravagant way and party till very late!
 This year, the show took place in Sala Taboo one of my favourite clubs, and if you happen to be ignorant about Rocky Horror Picture Show, I'll bet it won't leave you indifferent.
On stage, the very horror, crazy, sexual seventies film is shown with a very young Susan Sarandon. At the same time real actors, some of them transvestites perform scenes from the movie live. If that wasn't enough.. public gets a kit of different objects that will be used at several moments of the film and has to insult some of the main characters.. You get lots of fun but you have to be in the mood for the crazy and irreverent story. Otherwise stay at home or go to a more conventional party..!

Here is a link with the film resume and some pictures

23, San Vicente Ferrer
28004 Madrid
tel: +34 91 5241189

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