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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carmen Muñoz - Custom Hand Painted Tableware

A very Spanish name for a nice and quiet little atelier and shop in Justianiano street: Carmen Muñoz, one of the trendiest streets in Plaza de las Salesas district. You will be able to hand paint your own tableware or buy a personalised collection specially crafted for you.

Mother and daughter decided one day to set up this business and it really deserves a visit…
In case you want to learn the technique of hand painted pottery in different materials such as porcelain or glass, this is your place! A very familiar environment with only 8 students maximum, perfect for starting a new hobby!
It is very impressive to invite friends at home and proudly announce that they will be served in your own designed tableware!
However, if your creative skills are notup to the job, there is also a chance to have a very artistic and personal china at home. But of course being something very unique get prepare to spend a little bit more…
Ask for Gabriela (the daughter), she speaks good English and French and will be very helpful!


Carmen Muñoz Hand Painted
8, Justiniano  
28004 Madrid 
Tel: +34 91 319 57 85 

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