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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Petra Mora - Stylish food at a good price

cheeses form Petra Mora

A new grocery store has opened in Salamanca district, just in front of Mercado de la Paz. The nieces of designer Adolfo Dominguez, María y Uxía Domínguez, owners of Bimba y Lola, are behind this new concept of low cost gourmet products with which they expect to revolutionize the elite food industry. 

Even though it has been initially conceived as an on-line business www.petramora.com they have decided to establish a unique shop in Ayala 21. The concept is quite revolutionary; create a brand that brings together some of the best food processors and producers of high-end. An ambitious project by the name of Petra Mora.

groceries at Petra Mora

Mikel Zeberio together with David Aragon, have been around every corner of Spain looking for the best product to be included under the label Petra Mora. A kind of white label, but of high quality. 

At a first glance you remark the vintage look of the place. They have done a wonderful work on each and every item sold not only the product but also the packaging. I believe it will soon become a hot spot. 

Vintage-look flour and eggs will match greatly anyone’s kitchen and encourage into baking traditional pies. They also propose a good selection of cheese, ibericos, vegetables, seafood cans and loads of other products…
Patra Mora the shop

Petra Mora
Ayala 21
Madrid 28038
Phone - 902090402


  1. Qué buena pinta! Como siempre pasa con los sitios que cuentas, apetece ir..!

  2. ¡Coincidimos en gustos! A nosotros nos ha conquistado el concepto ;) Muy apetecible.

  3. La verdad es que da gusto leer comentarios como los vuestros.
    Animaos hoy, que tenemos degustación!


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