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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Horchata - the best drink for a hot day

One of the best horchatas in Madrid!! 
For the burning summer my proposal is to get a refreshing drink: Horchata. I know it is typically from Valencia but it is also widely drunk in Madrid since long. Asking around I finally got this good recommendation; La Alboraya (Alcalá 125) considered to be the best horchata in Madrid!!!
Alboraya ice creams and horchata bar
The drink is made from the tubers of the nut sedge plant and in Spanish these are called chufas, hence the name horchata de chufa. Horchata has a white, milky appearance and is served ice cold. It has several names in English, including “earth almond” and “tiger nut.” It is sweet and starchy and tastes very much like almonds or hazelnuts. 
Alboraya ice creams and horchata bar mane
Originally from Muslin period in Valencia there is where it’s most consumed but it is also popular all around Spain especially in Madrid. It is serious staff, and in order to ensure the quality of the product there is a Denomination of Origin. 
fartons, cake for horchata

The village of Alboraia is well known for the quality of its horchata and it’s also the name of the horchateria (horchata bar) that we recommend from my little madrid.

If you are not familiar with this original drink, you’ll probably think it looks like milk but definitely nothing to do with it, and you will usually drink it with “pajita”, a straw and to get a complete experience, you can also introduce a large biscuit called farton that will absorb a lot from the drink. 

So, try horchata or horchata ice cream (their own speciality) at Horchatería Heladería Alboraya!!!

C/Alcalá 125
Tel: 941 576 58 17


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