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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Manicure and pedicure feeling like Carrie - Mi Calle de Nueva York (MCNY)

Now that we are finishing august, quite relaxed and still having to look splendorous in bikini.. I have discovered a place that will surely help me looking good in summer clothing… this place is "Mi calle de Nueva York", named after New York women and their obsession with beauty treatments.
Madrid women maybe different, but it’s nice to feel a bit new yorker for a while !

Coming out my bikram lesson in Barquillo, I stumbled upon this trendy and elegant beauty salon, unfortunately the place is quite popular and had to postpone the pedicure experience for 3 days later since even if it was august, their agenda was fully booked.
armchairs mi calle de nueva york

The system for booking is easy and helpful, no need to call, just book yourself the best treatment and time in their Internet website.
You can choose many exciting and appealing treatments, yet I just had pedicure. I got a comfy armchair, likely to belong to a tearoom, and a nice little bath tube for your feet. My treatment was 16€ for 25 min that I enjoyed completely. I chose among a huge amount of fashionable colours, read nice fashion magazines and came all happy with my lovely pedicure done!
different colours mi calle de Nueva York

You can also do the fishing pedicure treatment if you want, but I personally feel sorry for poor little fishes…
fish pedicure Mi Calle de Nueva York
A nice spot to go with friends, to offer as a present or even to celebrate a special occasion with your best friends. Good for soft Hen Parties!
Give it a try !

Barquillo 39
tel: 911965444
Open daily except Mondays

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