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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Una noche con Kylian (a night with Kylian) – Teatro de la Zarzuela

una noche con Kylian ballet

What a great show "Una Noche con Kylian" at the Zarzuela Theatre by the Compañía Nacional de Danza under its new director José Carlos Martinez!!
I was curious having seen ads all over the city; actually I was quite surprised and happy to find tickets on the same day...

Jose Carlos Martinez
Jose Carlos Martinez new Director of Compañía Nacional de Danza
Jiri Kylian is a Czech choreographer, and the show represents three choreographies from three different periods. The dancers are extremely elegant and beautifully graceful. During the performances you feel floating... ! Magic...
The first choreography was called sleepless and represents via an enormous white canvas, the difficulty of creation for artists. Dancers come and go from the inside of the canvas to the outside.
The second choreography named petite mort, as the French refer to the orgasm, is a beautiful dance of 6 male dancers, 6 female dancers and 6 swords. Music from Mozart leads the choreography.
And finally, the third dance was called a symphony of psalms. More than 16 dancers on stage and Stravinsky music in a religious atmosphere. When I came out of the Theatre, I just wanted to dance... however, my skills are duck like (pato mareado as we say over here)...!

In this link a little fragment of the dance from La petite mort as an appetizer.

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