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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Picnic experience at ABC Serrano

picnic basket
Now it is finally summer in Madrid!! for those days in which you feel like picnicking there is a great place in the middle of the Salamanca district... you will feel like in a park, and you can even be bare feet but in reality you will be at the roof top of one of the best known Malls in the center, ABC Serranothe grass is fake but the view is amazing!  It is the new urban Picnic Experience!!!

So, bring your smart suit to the ABC Serrano and once you are inside the elevator, start taking off your tie, suit for men, high heels for women.. and get the picnic mood... ! You can either eat your own sandwich or buy a cute little basket with fresh gazpacho, healthy salad and fruit desert for a very affordable price.. 7 euros!! 

It is very nicely decorated with garden furniture, you can choose a favourite corner for lunching with friends or on your own... very original and different! The kind of place My Little Madrid likes...

And if you are follower of the Euro League 2012, you can also follow the match with mojitos in front of the big TVs that the organizers have arranged... will you miss the experience?? Hurry up, it will only last until 1st of July (mon-thur: 13.30-21.00, fri: 13.00 - 16.30)!!!

picnic at ABC Serrano

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