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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo España Exhibiton

Photo España is a great photo exhibition showed all around Madrid. Once every year, the dates for 2012 are 6th June to 22nd July. It can be very broad so I have my own itinerary that I enjoy every time and never disappoints me!
My first encounter with Photo España is always Circulo de Bellas Artes, they usually have three galleries dedicated to Photo España and this year, for a 2 euros entrance ticket you get Manuel Vilariño, with very poetic landscapes reflecting loneliness and fog probably related to his homeland Galicia!

Manuel Vilariño Photo España

After that, always at the Circulo, I went to the collective exhibition and made two interesting discoveries: Paz Erraruriz, a Chilean photographer that reminded me of Cristina Garcia Rodero and Richard Billingham picturing a difficult family background (father alcoholic, fat mother tattooed and kitsch home decoration). Richard Avedon portraits were also nice to see.

Probably my favourite was the Congo Dandies exhibition by Daniele Tamagni, they are called Sapeurs and even if they live in very poor conditions, men make a huge effort to dress in the most elegant way with suits, ties, bowties… some might find it superficial, but they believe in it as a vindication for life! Colours shown in the exhibition are amazing and the contrast of luxury clothes and stinky background worth seeing it.

After finishing the exhibitions at Circulo, I always go to Alcalá 31, Comunidad de Madrid, where this time I found nice video installations from artists that I had never heard before like the broken glass mirror by Korean Lee Yongbaek or the very claustrophobic fabric video by Israeli Nir Evron.

However, this was a program for Saturday evening and I still want to visit more of Photo España, I recommend to print the map in their website and follow your intuition!


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