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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maria's Bakery

cakes at Maria's Bakery
Cakes at Maria's Bakery
Maria's bakery is a very nice little bakery at the end of my favorite street Blanca de Navarra. Well, it is really located at Zurbano 15, just at the angle!! It is true that finding good traditional bread in Madrid is not as easy as in other European cities. The famous "barra de pan" chewy and insipid, from the typical Panadería is a product to be avoided if possible. Maria's bakery, on the contrary, is a good choice for bread, cakes and other delicacies.

It has been very recently opened and it occupies a tiny space but offers two or three tables to savour a coffee or tea and any of its sweety products. Every thing looks and tastes very handmade. I have been following the polemics about bread that started "El Comidista" (one of my favorite blogs) and, though I mostly agree with him, I noticed he did not mention Maria's Bakery, for good or bad. I am not an expert and would appreciate his opinion on this little bakery and its bread.

Entering Maria's Bakery in Madrid
Entering Maria's Bakery in Madrid
Interior of Maria's Bakery in Madrid

bread at Maria's Bakery
Bread at Maria's Bakery

delicacies at Maria's Bakery
Delicacies at Maria's Bakery

Shop window at Maria's Bakery
Shop window at Maria's Bakery


  1. Looks like a great place, I'll be sure to stop by soon. Have you been to La Magdalena de Proust? It's nearby and has a great selection of freshmade bread. They make it all right there in the shop.


    I've been enjoying your posts!

  2. Thank you for your suggestion. It has a great name!!! I will try it no doubt!!

  3. It's closed down around Feb 2016 I think it was, there's a larger bakery now on the opposite side of the street which is one of the best in Madrid and they serve excellent coffee's and snacks, it's called Crustos.


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