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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bar El Enfriador

I like this little bar just at the corner of Plaza del Peru El Enfriador (Principe de Vergara 291). It is claimed to have one of the best beers in Madrid!! As in many other Madrid bars, beer is sold on the tap and just one brand: Mahou, served very cold. The traditional beer pouring technique used at El Enfriador produces a creamy top which leaves a mark on the glass with every sip. Very refreshing since poured at extremely cold temperature.

And El Enfriador is not only about beer, they have good wine and offer a wide range of very nice tapas. I like "matrimonio"; anchoa and boqueron -the same fish (anchovy) treated in different ways (one salty and the other marinated) but also la "tosta de ventresca"; a toast with tuna over a bed of fresh tomato and olive oil, and el salpicón; a salad made out of different fish products or "la tosta de jamón"; same principle as the tosta de ventresca substituting tuna with cured excellent ham.

Personnel is very dynamic and enrollado (cool). Their secret is in substance; simple and good. The only drawback is that it is almost always packed!!!

beer at el enfriador


And good news is that they have opened a second bar quite close to the genuine, at Alberto Alcocer 47 , a five minute walk, with a much bigger outdoors space, so you can always try one and if packed get to the other.


  1. What a wonderful and special place!!!


  2. Desde colombia dte leemos esta muy bien tu informacion

  3. Este sitio esta muy bien!

  4. El sitio es estupendo, y los camareros muy amables, pacientes y profesionales. ¡Hay uno que me encanta! (él no lo sabe, jejeje)


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