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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Urban Veggie Garden - new trend in Madrid

urban vegetable gardening in Madrid

Just because you don't have a big back yard doesn't mean you can't reap the benefits of a vegetable garden in the city. A sunny window ledge, balcony, patio, or roof deck with six or more hours of full sun will provide plenty of space to cultivate and harvest veggies.
In Madrid many initiatives prove that cultivating your own food is a new winning trend!!

Maybe you have a little terrace like my neighbours, or you just have a balcony or a window. If you have neither of those you can always try a public space like la Huertita de Tetuan, Huertos Compartidos, or Red de Huertos Urbanos de Madrid all of them offer a lot of information including  maps with associated gardening spots.
My next door neighbours veggie garden

closer view
and this is the result after one month on the 15th of June
I have been retrieving information and have found interesting initiatives in Madrid:
  • La Habitación Verde is selling a special structure, in different sizes that you can place in your terrace, every thing included form €130. 

One of my favourite initiatives is Esta es una Plaza at Dr. Fourquet 24 Madrid, worth to visit their blog to see what they have achieved in a row abandoned space, amazing!!!

Also read the post by "esmadridnomadriz" (one of my favourite blogs) about the subject.
And here you get the map of Madrid vegetable gardens.
Happy gardening!!!!


  1. Write a listing of your 3 or four favorite veggies that you just may grow simply reception, and so concentrate on these. for instance, do not grow potatoes if you like carrots- once it involves agriculture it's all concerning what you would like.


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