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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Music Bar - Toni 2

Toni 2 Piano Bar
Almirante 9

If someone asks me about my favourite night bar in Madrid, my answer would definitely be: Toni 2!!!

The concept; a piano bar with an enormous piano surface where people of all ages, conditions, races, political ideas... gather together with drinks and happy spirit to sing typical folklore spanish songs!

The opening hours; every day from 11 pm to 6 am!! But in order to take the best advantage of this particular bar, it is very important that you get there late, 2.30 am is the best hour. You must leave all your prejudices behind as you will find inside all kind of urban tribus, housewifes on slippers, travesties, business men on suit, punkies and famous actors. It doesn’t really matter what kind of music you do prefer, in Tony2 you will end up singing things you'll never thought you would... The pianists are professionals and won’t accept any singer that is not performing at a high standard so, if you are not a good singer better stay around the piano and be part of the chorus!

The ambiance reflects a scene from Almodovar films and if you are hungry you can even ask a waiter (very elegant on suit and bow tie) to serve you some cocido, fabada or sausages, the kitchen is always open! The experience of singing copla’s song with a gin tonic and cocido is quite something!
We prefer not to show photos, you have to go…
Party all night long, only two conditions: avoid prejudices and get there from 2.00am onwards.

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