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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Film - Where Do We Go Now? - ¿Y Ahora Dónde Vamos?

Lebanese film by Nadine Labaki -Where do we go now?

 I had the chance to be invited by the Ambassador of Lebanon in Madrid of the Lebanese film originally "Et maintenant on va oú? in Spanish ¿y ahora dónde vamos? The film is directed and interpreted by Nadine Labaki, who not only is extremely pretty (she reminds very much Monica Belucci) but very talented. This film is her second work; she already collected great success in her first film "Caramel".
It tells the story of a remote, isolated, unnamed Lebanese village inhabited by both Muslims and Christians. The village is surrounded by land mines and only reachable by a small bridge. As civil strife engulfed the country, the women in the village learn of this fact and try, by various means and to varying success, to keep their men in the dark, sabotaging the village radio, and then destroying the village TV. The village is slowly drawn into greater violence; but the women get along beautifully and conspire together to keep their men from fighting. 
Nadine Labaki
I knew little about Lebanese cinema and culture so it was a nice surprise to experiment a full immersion in this Mediterranean culture finally so close and universal. It was shown in original Arabic language which gave it even a more joyful and complete perspective and must say the atmosphere remind me a lot of Italian films such as "Cinema Paradiso" or "Mediterraneo".

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