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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doggy life in Madrid

dog with shoe

Having a dog in Madrid is quite a job though the city is quietly becoming more organized and dog friendly.

First of all, Madrid has pooper scooper laws that you need to comply with. To help, you can find, on the side of city garbage bins (not all of them), specific plastic bags for poop like this:

Parks, such as Retiro, allow to have your dog leash free during certain hours, usually before 10am and after 8pm. There are some special fenced spots where you can leash off you dog during day time, I know of two; at Retiro on the south side of the park and at plaza del Peru.  Another nice place to walk your dog leash free is the Parque Pinar de Barajas at end of Papa Negro Street (Parque del Conde de Orgaz).

Veterinarian clinics are usually very good and helpful. Mine is a 24 hour: Centro Veterinario Alberto Alcocer at Alberto Alcocer 45, phone 91 345 25 15.

My dog, a lively epagneul breton that recently had five puppies, needs once on a while specific care for its tidiness. I was very relieved when found the service of Elegant Dog, phone 607 56 55 66. It is a mobile pet grooming system, a specially equipped van that comes directly to your house and grooms your dog in place.

I also use a very good food delivery service. Your order is serviced on a 24 hours basis and prices are normally lower than in shops having a wide range of choice: "La central Animal" call Belen at 629 63 40 88.

If you do not have time to walk your pets around this is a really good address: PulyGar. I found them by accident walking my dog at the Parque Pinar de Barajas. They were with more than ten dogs and must say they seemed very dedicated and loving with all of them. The services they offer are: dog walkers for the city, distribution of dog food, pet transportation (for instance to the veterinarian), puppy shelter and day care center.

 Also found this good web for more information about parks and others La Guia del Perro.

well organized street sweepers (could be worse!!) 


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