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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Casa Decor Madrid 2012

casa decor 2012

Casa Decor is a yearly appointment I cannot miss in Madrid. I enjoy very much to see how different decorators interpret a raw space and transform it to become: cozy, modern, minimal, baroque, country, etc…so varied! Getting from one room to another mutates a universe of taste and aesthetics.
I always get lots of practical ideas for my own house; some very cheap and easy that I can implement right away and some that will enlarge my wish list...

In essence, Casa Decor is a catwalk where professional interior designers, architects and decoration firms show designs, products, new materials, furniture, electronics and innovative construction solutions to the general public applied to a real environment.

This year Casa Decor transformed a unique abandoned building at Plaza de España 8 (with Bailen) owned by Mutua Madrileña that used to host la Real Compañía Asturiana de Minas into a great universe of textures, colors and possibilities. Worth to see the photos sowing the before to better grasp the after.

Casa Decor before
Huge warehouse before
casa decor after
Huge warehouse after

Interior garden views

Loved the work by Fernando Muñoz of EMEconEME, 16 m2 awesomely organized to gather a complete apartment including bathroom, kitchen, sitting and sleeping, wardrobe and even a tiny office space. 

Colourful vertical gardens
Also loved the auditorium, a space designed by Athelier Grenier including interesting pieces of furniture and vertical gardens panelling the walls.

 The vertical gardens, by Monamour, are specially conceived for interiors, using preserved/stabilized plants that do not need light or water. They last over ten years just like a painting on a wall.

More vertical gardens, very artistic!!!
Definitely vertical gardens are a must this year!!!! 

Cheap solution for a corner

Renovate your old lamp, cover it with an umbrella!!!

Nice and cheap decorative panel for a kitchen

forest in a box
Loved this Forest-In-A-Box

IKEA penthouse space 1

IKEA penthouse space 2

IKEA penthouse space 3

IKEA penthouse space 4

IKEA penthouse space 5

Incredible view from IKEA penthouse

Decorative solution for broken china!!!


  1. You missed a really creative space!
    Where Things are a lot more that what they look like.
    But you need to pay attention!!
    Go check it out on the third floor as you go down.
    Use all you senses to figure it out!!

  2. Sorry to have missed it!! So many things to see... I'll try to go again just for it...

  3. Its a real big dream house. Simply Awesome!


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