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Friday, May 11, 2012

Caixa Forum - Exhibition Les Ballets Russes

Caixa Forum - Exhibition Les Ballets Russes
Caixaforum is always a good option when you want to see an exhibition and have a nice walk around botanical garden and Neptuno area. The building is very impressive, it seems to be floating in the air, made by famous architects Herzog & De Meuron, it has a wonderful vertical garden, the biggest probably in Madrid, made by French gardener Patrick Blanck.
Inside the building there are always good choices for exhibitions. It offers free entrance, cafeteria, and comfortable coaches… I can’t skip the shop managed by La Central, that I simply love and where I always find many funny gifts and interesting books.
In my last visit, I went to see “Les Ballets Russes”, to be honest I didn’t know very well what it would refer to but still, being free and being in Caixaforum I gave it a try!

Caixa Forum - Exhibition Les Ballets Russes
Diaghilev and Company members
Costume for a Sylph
The exhibition showed the revolution made by Diaghilev, creator of the company “Les Ballets Russes” who reinvented the dance to what we see today. Actually a video is shown on how the ballet dance used to be before Diaghilev and it doesn’t feel very light or inspiring…!
He lived through the cataclysms of the First World War and the Russian Revolutions, traveling all over the world and collaborating with the most avant garde artists who created costumes and décor for him and his company. 
Picasso dress

In this exhibition you can see costumes by Picasso, Joan Miró, Matisse, Chirico and even Coco Chanel! All so avant-garde even nowadays. Choreographies shown with Stravinsky music also very shocking! Very interesting the period when they stayed in Spain hosted by King Alfonso XIII during the war, and when in collaboration with Picasso and Manuel de Falla, he created the ballet for “El Sombrero de 3 Picos” still being represented by the National Spanish dance company.

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  1. I have taken a few visitors to see the hanging Garden and they seem to find it quite interesting. It's a nice feature of Madrid and contrasts nicely with the rust coloured Caixa Forum.


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