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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Torrijas - Easter must

In Madrid we eat Torrijas during Easter time. It is a popular dessert easily made at home and very similar to desserts like French Toast or Pain Perdu: thick slices of bread soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg, fried and then drenched in spiced honey or cinnamon. Crawling though my favorite cooking blogs I found many recipes: very complete and funny Lazy Blog: cómo hacer torrijas originales, algunas noticias y otras cosas, incredibly easy and great fun Falsarius Chef: torrijas de régimen (misleading title meaning that after eating those you will undoubtedly need to get into a diet), fruity: el Comidista.

If you are the homey type and chose to cook, my favorite recipe is the following:
Take some thick slices of bread (what ever you want, old dry bread, white, brown...depending on choice).
Put one litre of milk to boil with some cinnamon add sugar (as you like, 4 to 6 spoons) five minutes and retire from heat.
Beat the eggs (2 or 3) in a separate dish.
Dip the slices of bread in the sugared milk and then into the eggs and fry in a pan with boiling oil until golden brown.
Then drain well and sprinkle with sugar or honey.

If you prefer to go outside it seems that the City Council has organized a "Route of the Torrija" called "Dulce Pasión" for just 3,90 €, I haven't tried it so I do not guarantee.
To take a sure bet and delight real Madrid "castizo" go to a classic place: La casa de las Torrijas  at calle de la Paz 4, very near puerta del Sol.

Have a passionate Madrid easter and enjoy Torrijas!!!

Torrijas and wine
Literally: For hygienic reasons forbidden to spit on the floor
old sign on the wall of Casa de Las Torrijas


  1. Muchas gracias por la mención. Un fuerte abrazo y nos seguimos leyendo.


  2. Bonito blog. Gracias por la mención. Un saludo.



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